WIEF #iEmPOWER : e-Wallet - Embracing a Cashless Transformation

15 June 2022

15 Jun

Digital technology facilitated the innovation of electronic payment systems such as E-wallets which is expedient because it eliminates the need to carry physical cash. In the era of COVID-19 and social distancing, adopting a cashless payment system that is secure, convenient and speedy has numerous advantages. It is a major force in economic development and significantly increase dominant role in consumer spending habits.

In some countries particularly in Southeast Asia, governments encourage consumers to adopt e-Wallets via various initiatives such as network infrastructure, policy packages and security guarantees in digital transaction. This has resulted in a positive effect of consumers’ stronger intention to use e-Wallets.

The growth of e-Commerce has also played an important role with the increasing utilisation of e-Wallet platforms among young people and ensures the rise of its popularity. As we move towards recovery from the pandemic, adapting to e-Wallets and opting to go cashless is no longer seen as just a trend but a lifestyle and many believe physical money will be phased out in the next 20 years.

The programme will discuss:

  • adopting e-Wallets systems into the digital economy
  • global cyber security of mobile payment and digital wallets
  • assessing risks and government support
  • opportunities and challenges for the wallet integration
  • future of digital payment technologies


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